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An abbreviation for American City Racing League.
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An abbreviation for air-cushion restraint system.
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A polymer-based coating acrylic (CnH2n???2O2) widely used for automotive topcoats. Its physical properties can be controlled in part by the choice of the alcohol used to make the ester.
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Abbreviation for the Automotive Cooling System Institute.
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An acronym for air charge temperature.
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Act of God
Any accident or event that is not by human hand and can not be prevented. Usually a natural cause.
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Active Coil
Those coils that are free to deflect under a load.
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Active pedestrian protection system
An electronic system designed to warn drivers of impending pedestrian traffic.
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Active Plate Material
The sponge lead in an automotive battery that is spread over the negative-plate grid or the lead peroxide that is spread over the positive-plate grid.
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Active Restraint
A vehicle occupant restraint such as a lap belt and/or shoulder harness that must be attached or connected by the person using it.
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Active Solvent
A liquid that can dissolve a paint binder when used alone.
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Active Spring Coil
Active coils in the center of the spring operate during the complete range of spring loading. Also see inactive spring coil and transitional spring coil.
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Active Suspension System
Also known as computer-controlled suspension system a computerized system able to control body roll body pitch brake dive acceleration squat and ride height. Suspension systems that are controlled by double-acting hydraulic cylinders or solenoids (actuators) mounted at each wheel. The actuators support the vehicle's weight instead of conventional springs or air springs.
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Actual cash value
Also referred to as 'ACV.' A method of valuing insured property that is computed by subtracting depreciation (based on the propertys age and condition) from its replacement cost. Compare 'Replacement cost.'
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Actual Cash Value (ACV)
The true value of a product such as a used vehicle.
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