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Ace Racing Clutches
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Racing clutches
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Acetic Acid
An activator that is used in RTV/silicone sealants to make them more rubber-like in composition.
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A highly flammable liquid sometimes used as a racing-fuel additive. Acetone CH3COCH3 helps to prevent other chemicals in a fuel mixture from separating.
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A highly flammable gas (C2H2) used for metal cutting welding and brazing.
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An acronym for a four-mode driving-test cycle used to test exhaust emissions or vehicle driveability; the modes are Accelerate Cruise Idle and Decelerate.
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Acid Dip
A method of paint stripping. Metal parts can be immersed in an acid dip to remove all traces of old paint and chemical impurities.
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Acid Rain
Corrosive rain formed when sulfur (S) emissions from motor vehicles and industrial plants combine with hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) in the atmosphere to form sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The mixture of these chemicals with water (H2O) produces an acid solution that is found in rain. Not only is it corrosive to anything it may come into contact with it also raises the acidity of lakes and ponds often to the point that fish and other aquatic life cannot survive.
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The presence of acid-type chemicals that are identified by the acid number. Acidity within some environments such as the crankcase of an engine causes corrosion sludge and varnish to increase.
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Ackerman Principle
The geometric principle used to provide toe-out on turns. The ends of the steering arms are angled so that the inside wheel turns more than the outside wheel when a vehicle is making a turn without scrubbing the tire treads on the road surface.
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Ackerman Steering
A term often used for Ackerman principle.
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An abbreviation for automatic chassis lubrication.
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ACL Bearings
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in High performance engine bearings
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An abbreviation for air-control module.
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Acquisition Fee
A fee charged by the leasing company to buy the vehicle for the lessee and set up the lease. Also called the initiation fee this typically runs about $450.
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An abbreviation for an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Refrigerant Recovery Reclaim and Recycle system.
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