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Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOC)
Adverse. Other than normal operating conditions such as rain snow sleet and ice.
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Abnormal Wear
The excessive wear on a drive or driven member as might be caused by improper tensioning misalignment or abrasive materials in the drive environment.
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Abnormal Wear Pattern
A visual indication that two or more members such as gears pulleys and/or belts are improperly tensioned or aligned or that abrasive materials are present.
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The procedure for intentionally terminating a program when a mistake malfunction or error has occurred.
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Abrasion Resistance
A measure of a wire covering's ability to resist surface wear due to mechanical damage.
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A very hard substance used for the removal of material by cutting grinding lapping or polishing metals.
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Abrasive Finishing
Any of several processes for removing scale or surface contaminants using abrasives such as bonded grinding wheels or disks coated abrasives honing stones or bonded abrasive sticks.
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Antilock braking system. A computer-controlled system that prevents brakes from locking up and tires from skidding during hard braking.
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Absolute Pressure
A pressure measured from absolute zero.
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Absolute Pressure Sensor
A device for sensing pressures from absolute zero.
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Absolute Rating
A single eternal explanation for all reality. That point at which all motion in matter ceases such as absolute zero. Also used in filter ratings to indicate the diameter of the largest particle normally expressed in micrometers (µm) that will pass through the filter. A filter media with an exact and consistent pore size theoretically has an absolute rating.
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Absolute Title
A document that states a person or a legal entity has the right of ownership.
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Absolute Zero
The lowest temperature on the Kelvin temperature scale (0°K) equivalent to ???459.7°F (???273.2°C). Temperature measured from 0°K is an absolute temperature. All molecular motion ceases at 0°K.
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To take in by capillary action as in a sponge.
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Absorbent Medium
A material akin to a sponge in that it can draw in fluid and retain it within its structure. In this sense it can act as a filter to remove (absorb) and retain fluid.
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