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A number identifying the location of a word in computer memory.
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The ability of a tire to remain in contact with the road surface.
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Adhesive Bonding
A technique for bonding metals and/or plastics together during assembly of panels and bodies.
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Adiabatic Engine
An engine having combustion chambers insulated with a high-temperature material. Heat loss is kept at a minimum and is retained rather than being allowed to dissipate through the cooling and exhaust systems. This results in a higher proportion of thermal energy being converted to useful power.
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To bring the parts of a component system or device to a specific relationship dimension temperature or pressure.
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Adjustable pedals
Accelerator and break pedals that can be moved closer to or further away from the driver's seat.
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Adjustable Shock
Another term used for adjustable shock absorber.
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Adjustable Shock Absorber
A shock absorber having an external means of adjustment to calibrate it precisely for a specific operating condition.
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Adjustable Strut
A strut with a manually operated adjustment for strut firmness. The strut adjusting knob usually accessible without raising the vehicle varies the strut orifice opening. Also see travel-sensitive strut.
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Adjustable suspension
A suspension that offers driver-selectable damper (and sometimes spring) firmness settings to suit varying conditions and personal preferences.
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Adjustable Torque Arm
A member used to retain axle alignment and in some cases control axle torque. Normally one adjustable and one rigid torque arm are used per axle so the axle can be aligned. This rod can be extended or retracted for adjustment purposes.
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Adjusted Capitalized Cost
The basis for the basic monthly payment.
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The person working with the insurance agency who determines the amount of damage loss and liability.
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Adjusting Cam
Eccentric bolts that are used to automatically or manually adjust the brake shoe-to-drum clearance. Positioned in the backing plate of drum brakes the cam positions the shoe(s) closer to the drum.
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Adjusting Shim
A metal shim available in various thicknesses used to change the valve clearance in some overhead cam engines.
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