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Actual Throat
A welding term indicating the shortest distance between the weld root and the face of a fillet weld.
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A device that performs a mechanical action in response to an input signal which may be electrical or fluidic.
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An abbreviation for air-control valve.
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Any of various pieces of hardware that permits non-matching parts to connect mesh or function together.
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Adaptive cruise control
A laser- or radar-sensing cruise control system that causes a vehicle to automatically slow or stop in order to avoid front-end collisions.
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Adaptive headlights
Headlights that turn as the driver turns the steering wheel for the purpose of improving illumination in the direction of the turn.
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Adaptive Memory
The feature of a computer memory that allows the microprocessor to automatically compensate for changes in the dynamics of the process being controlled. Anything stored in adaptive memory is lost when power to the computer is interrupted such as when the battery is disconnected.
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Another way of spelling adapter.
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A brand name of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that is trademarked and overseen by the German Association of the Automotive Industry a trade group that represents both German car manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Read more.
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Add a leaf
There are lots of ways to boost your rig's ride height and an?Add a leaf?upgrade is one of the easiest ways. These customdesigned leafs join forces with your stock leaf springs lifting you up and improving your spring rate.
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Any device or system added to a vehicle by the dealer independent garage or owner.
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Add-On Coolers
A method of increasing the transmission system's cooling capacity by adding an external fluid cooling unit.
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Additional Insured
A person or company other than the person named on the account who is protected against damage or loss.
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Additional Insured/Loss Payee
Since the lessor owns the leased vehicle the lessee is required to name the lessor 'additional insured' in his insurance liability-coverage policy and as the 'loss payee' in his collision and comprehensive policy.
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Any material added to a lubricating grease or oil to improve its suitability for service. It may improve a property that the lubricant already possesses or give it properties that it does not naturally possess.
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