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Tool cabinet
Muck like a tool box a?tool cabinet?is designed to stow your tools and other garage gear. A tool cabinet though is mounted permanently to a wall or workbench making your expensive tools evermore secure.
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Tool chests
?Tool chests?make it easy to keep your garage organized. Each one is built tough and designed to store and protect all of your tools and knickknacks.
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Top-Fuel Dragsters
The fastest of drag racing vehicles these have a characteristicly long body and use top fuel which accounts for the tremendous speeds these vehicles can attain.
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Torch Wear
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Functional protective clothing
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Torco Racing Oils
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Synthetic racing oil trasmission fluid gear and assembly lube
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A measure of twisting force given in foot-pounds (abbreviated as lb.-ft.) or Newton-meters (N-m). In the case of an automobile it is the twisting or rotational force the engine exerts on the crankshaft. Vehicle specifications often include the maximum torque an engine produces at a specific number of revolutions. An engine that produces 200 lb.-ft. of torque at 3 000 revolutions per minute or 200 [email protected] 3 000 rpm accelerates better at low speeds than an engine that provides 200 [email protected] 000 rpm.
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Torque Converter
In an automatic transmission a fluid coupling or electronic control that transmits power from the engine to the wheels. It allows the transmission to remain in gear while the vehicle is stopped. The fluid absorbs power and prevents the engine from stalling.
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Torque Steer
The tendency of the front wheels on a front-drive vehicle to pull to the side under hard acceleration.
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Torsion Bar
A simple rugged type of suspension spring that twists as it is compressed or stretched.
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Torsional Stiffness
A vehicle body's resistance to twisting motions.
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Total Cost Involved Engineering
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Street Rod chassis parts
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Total due at signing
See 'drive off fees.'
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Total Loss
Any loss of sufficient size where there is nothing left of value of the property.
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Total Seal
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Gapless piston rings
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Tow hooks
Metal hooks or eyelets either fixed or removable that are attached to a structurally sound section of a vehicles frame and used as pickup points for tow cables.

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