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Technical Service Bulletin
Technical service bulletins (TSBs) are issued by the manufacturer for problems that affect the normal operation of the vehicle. Sometimes called 'secret warranties ' TSBs cover known problems and provide repair instructions for service technicians and accordingly are distributed to all of the manufacturer's dealerships. Unlike recall-related repairs which are performed on a no-questions-asked basis TSB repairs are made only to resolve problems that can be verified by dealer service technicians. And generally these repairs will be free of charge only if the vehicle is still under warranty. For more about TSBs check out How Can a Technical Service Bulletin Help Me? and The Secret Warranty. To find out about any TSBs that may apply to your vehicle please use our Maintenance Guide.
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Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Battery maintenan ce items
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The integrated use of telecommunications in a vehicle.
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The integrated use of telecommunications and electronic data communications in a vehicle.
Ten Factory
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Performance axle shafts and axle kits
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Term Loan
A loan repaid in a lump sum including interest at the end of the loan period.
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Termination Fee
An amount sometimes charged at the end of a lease.
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Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Thermal protectiv e materials
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Thermostatically controlled air cleaner
A device on carbureted engines to control emissions which contains a thermostat-controlled diverter that ducts air warmed by the exhaust manifold to the carburetor during cold conditions and then ambient air to it once a certain temperature has been attained. This enables the engine to reach a normal operating temperature and end its fuel-rich/inefficient cold-temperature mode as quickly as possible.
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Third Party Insurance
Protection for the damage of property or bodies of others.
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A three-on-the-tree is a column-shift mechanism for a 3-speed transmission
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Throttle & kick down lever ball studs
Lubricated pivot points for the throttle or kickdown linkages.
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Throttle linkage
A collection of mechanical connections between a vehicles accelerator pedal and its throttle body or carburetor.
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Throttle system
The components used to control the volume of air to the engine.
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Throttle-Body Fuel Injection
A form of electronic fuel injection in which the injectors are centrally located in a throttle-body housing that contains a valve to regulate air flow through the intake manifold. Less efficient and precise than multi-port or sequential fuel injection.

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