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Oberg Filters
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Performance filtration systems
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Any event that resulted in a loss or damage to the insured or the insured's property.
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Orange County International Raceway.
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The hydrocarbon substance in gasoline that reduces engine knock or pinging which is a noise caused by premature ignition of fuel in the cylinder combustion chamber. The higher the octane number the less chance of premature ignition. High octane which has a rating above 91 is useful only when recommended by the manufacturer.
Indicates the number of miles a vehicle has been driven. It is illegal to tamper with the odometer reading.
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Odometer Rollback
The illegal practice of rolling a vehicle's odometer back to indicate that it traveled fewer miles than it actually has.
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Odometer Rollover
Occurs when the vehicle's mileage exceeds the mechanical limits of the odometer ? usually 99 999 miles. This must be certified by the seller under the Truth in Mileage Act.
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Odyssey Battery
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Racing batteries and accessories
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Original equipment manufacturer i.e. the manufacturer of a vehicle.
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Off-road ready
A vehicle with high-ground-clearance outfitted for the rigors of traveling on non-paved roads.
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Office of Defects Investigation
An office within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that conducts defect investigations and administers safety recalls and that monitors the adequacy of manufacturers recall campaigns.
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Ohlins USA
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Racing shocks and related components
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Oil filter
A cartridge-filled canister placed in an engines lubricating system to strain dirt and abrasive materials out of the oil.
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Oil pressure gauge
Maybe Tom and Ray Magliozzi have a way to discern the pressure of their oil through some sort of acoustic resonance (laughing into their air vents and listening to what bounces back) but the rest of us can simply use an?oil pressure gauge.
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Oliver Racing Parts
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Connecting rods
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