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An instrument used for measuring barometric pressure.
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Barometric Pressure (BARO)
The pressure exerted by the weight of the earth's atmosphere equal to one bar 99.97 kPa or 14.5 psi at sea level. Barometric pressure changes with the weather and with altitude. Since it affects the density of the air entering the engine and ultimately the air/fuel ratio some computerized emissions-control systems use a barometric pressure sensor so that the spark advance and exhaust gas recirculate (EGR) valve flow can be regulated to control emissions more precisely.
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Barometric Pressure Sensor
A device that senses barometric pressure and sends an electrical signal to the CPU for optimum engine control.
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Barrel (BBL)
A term sometimes applied to the cylinders in an engine.
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Barrel Faced Ring
A compression piston ring with a rounded contact face.
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Barrel Finish
The rounded surface on a piston skirt.
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Barrel Roll
A vehicle rollover sideways.
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Barrier Hose
A hose constructed with a special liner to prevent refrigerant leakage through its walls. Most air-conditioning systems in vehicles manufactured after 1988 have barrier-type hoses.
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Bart Wheels
Aftermarket automotive manufacture specializing in Circle track wheels
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Base 10
A base unit in the metric system. All metric units are increased or decreased in units of
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Base Circle
The low portion of each cam on the camshaft concentric with the journal which is not part of the lobe.
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Base Coat
The initial layer of paint.
Base Metal
The largest proportion of metal present in an alloy.
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Base Model
A Base Model is the least expensive vehicle with the fewest number of features. It will have the smallest engine and a manual transmission. Base models only contribute to a very small percentage of models sold and is sometimes referred to as a �stripper� or �stripped down� unit.
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Base Price
The price of a vehicle without options but including standard equipment factory warranty and freight or destination charge. This price is printed on the Monroney sticker.
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