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Ball Joint Free Play
The allowable radial and axial motion between the ball-joint housing checked with the load removed.
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Ball Joint Inclination
The inward tilt of the top of the steering axis centerline through the ball joints as viewed from the front of the vehicle.
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Ball Joint Internal Lubrication
A ball joint assembly may be pre-lubricated and factory sealed or it may have provision for periodic scheduled lubrication.
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Ball Joint Preload
A term relating to certain ball joints often spring-loaded having constant friction between the ball-and-joint housing socket.
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Ball Joint Seal
A Neoprene rubber seal that fits over a ball-joint stud against the housing to retain lubricating grease and keep unwanted foreign debris such as sand or dirt out.
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Ball Joint Slack
A term often used for ball joint free play.
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Ball Joint Suspension
A type of front suspension in which the wheel spindle is attached directly to the upper and lower suspension arms through the ball joints.
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Ball joints
Movable joints in the steering linkage and suspension system of a vehicle that permit rotating movement in any direction between the parts that are joined.
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Ball Nut
In a recirculating ball nut steering gear the ball nut has internal threads that are meshed to the threads of a worm with continuous rows of ball bearings between the two. The ball bearings are recirculated through two outside loops called ball guides. The sliding ball nut has tapered teeth cut on one face that mate with teeth on the cross-shaft sector.
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Ball Stud
A stud with a ball-shaped end.
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Ball-and-Nut Steering Gear
Another term for recirculating ball-and-nut steering gear.
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Ball-and-Trunion joint
A type of universal joint that is combined with the slip joint in one assembly.
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Material that is added to a racing car chassis to change the weight distribution and/or increase the overall vehicle weight to the minimum class requirement.
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Ballast Resistor
A term often used for ignition resistor.
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Balloon Foot
A term used to describe a slow driver; one who tends to back off the throttle early.
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