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Balance Shaft
Found primarily in I???4 and V???6 engines a rotating shaft incorporating a harmonic balancer or vibration damper designed to counteract the natural vibrations of other rotating parts such as the crankshaft in an engine.
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Balance shaft belt
A cogged belt that drives a shaft (usually in synchronization with the engines crankshaft) for the purpose of smoothing out vibrations.
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Balance Tube
A tube to connect the exhaust pipes in a dual exhaust system to equalize the pressures.
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Balanced Carburetor
A carburetor in which the float bowl is vented to the air horn to compensate for the possible effects of a clogged air filter.
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Balanced Valve
A type of hydraulic valve that produces a pressure change that is proportional to the variations of spring pressure or the movement of a mechanical linkage.
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A heavy crankshaft pulley that aids in overall crankshaft balance as it rotates.
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The process of proportioning weight or force equally on all sides of an object. Most crankshafts for example are balanced both statically and dynamically.
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Balancing Coil Gauge
An indicating device such as a fuel gauge that contains a pair of coils in the instrument-panel unit.
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Balk Ring
A rotating device found in a manual transmission that prevents premature engagement of gears while shifting.
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Ball and Socket
A term often used for tie rod end.
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Ball Bearing
An anti-friction bearing with an inner and outer race having one or more rows of balls between them.
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Ball Check Valve
A one-way valve having a ball and seat.
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Ball Joint
A joint or connection where a ball moves within a socket allowing a rotary motion while the angle of the rotation axis changes.
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Ball Joint angle
The inward tilt of the steering axis from the vertical.
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Ball Joint centerline
An imaginary line drawn through the centers of the upper and lower ball joints.
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