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The positive battery terminal.
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A Bat-wing is the air cleaner from Caddys and Packards between 1953 and 1956.
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The negative battery terminal.
A group of records or programs that is considered a single unit for processing on a computer.
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An auto body design that resembles an inverted bath tub.
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Battery (BAT)
A device for storing energy in chemical form so it can be released as electricity.
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Battery Acid
An electrolyte used in a battery; a mixture of water (H2O) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4).
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Battery Backup
Auxiliary power that is provided to a computer so volatile memory information is not lost during a power failure or when otherwise disconnected from its normal power source.
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Battery Capacity
The energy output of a battery measured in amp/hours.
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Battery Cell
That part of a battery made from two dissimilar metals and an acid solution. A cell stores chemical energy for use later as electrical energy.
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Battery Charge
The restoration of chemical energy to a battery by supplying a measured flow of electrical current to it for a specified time.
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Battery Charger
An electrical device that is used for restoring a battery to its original state of charge by passing a current through the battery in a direction opposite of the discharge current flow.
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Battery Charging
The act of charging a battery.
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Battery Council International (BCI)
A professional association of manufacturers suppliers and distributors of lead-acid batteries.
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Battery disconnect
A device that automatically disconnects a vehicles battery after a collision.
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